Itzíar Górriz

Born in Madrid, this young designer has her showroom in the Ferraz street(Madrid). She releases a collection per season complemented with exclusive and personalized design of customized garments for special events.
She is characterized by her original designs, the high quality fabrics used and her handcrafted final details, which are molded in each of the collections she launched. Her style is based on the taste by the fusion of colours and textures, and by the simplicity of its forms, emphasizing the femininity of the woman.
She puts a special attention in the details like the linings, ribbons in contrast, etc. Garments for the day with a sophisticated touch, as skirts, trousers, accessories (purses, "boleros", shawls ...). A style in which the quality prevails both in the aesthetic aspect as well as in fabrics and processes of production.